Athlete Ambassador

How do I become a PlayersOnly Ambassador?
While we currently don't have strictly set criteria, when choosing our athlete ambassadors, there will be an attempt to find unique individuals who believe in the importance of integrity, staying focused, and driven to excel.
Furthermore, PO understands that in order for the athlete ambassador program to work and further globalize the opportunity we must focus on improvement and being refined, so that our athlete ambassadors have the opportunity to thrive throughout the world.
More simply - it's not just about the athlete – It’s about how you can positively influence others in the sports community.
Your connection with fans is the most important. As an ambassador your feedback is key so we can innovate and grow.
  • PlayersOnly Ambassador will get pay grade in crypto, depending on their popularity
  • Chance to be PlayersOnly sponsored athletes
  • Access to tools that help maximize brand partnerships
  • Access to our brand partnerships