Withdraw Funds

The withdraw process in four (4) easy steps.

Step 1

  • Sign up for NiftyKit. No purchase or membership fee is required for this step.
  • Connect your wallet at the top right corner.
  • You should then see "Revenue Split" on your dashboard.
  • Tap/click Withdrawal button.
Funds will now be in your MetaMask Digital Wallet

Step 2

  • Get your wallet address from Crypto.com
  • Under "Accounts" Tab, Click/Tap "Crypto Wallet"
  • Click/Tap Transfer, then Deposit
  • Search or scroll down to Polygon
  • Click/Tap Polygon and your address is below.
  • Copy the address and paste into MetaMask to start the withdrawl.
  • In MetaMask, Tap/Click Send
  • Paste Crypto.com wallet address (Save address for future transfers and label)
Fund will now be in your Crypto.com account.

Step 3

  • Convert Crypto Currency(Polygon MATIC) to US Dollar.
  • Under "Accounts" Tab, Click/Tap "Crypto Wallet"
  • Click/Tap Polygon (MATIC)
  • Click/Tap Sell MATIC
  • Click/Tap Cash
US Dollar funds will now be in the Fiat Wallet to be transfered to your bank account

Step 4

  • Under "Accounts" Tab, Click/Tap "Fiat Wallet"
  • Tap/Click Transfer, then Withdrawal
  • Tap/Click United States Dollar
  • Enter amount and transfer